Mr. Amin Yousuf

Director / Chief Executive Officer / Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Amin Yousuf holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and SAP (FA) Trained from Siemens Pakistan Ltd. He has tremendous experience of 17 Years as a stock market Broker. He has been working since 2007 as a chief executive of Aky Securities Pvt Ltd . Under his guidance AKY Securities (Pvt) Ltd formerly known as Abdul Kadir Yusuf became a Corporate Member of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd. and dynamically flourished business of the company and played vital role to enhance company reputation by and large. His vast Experience of stock market and his valuable contributions were recognized by Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. (formerly KSE) He was elected as a member of Board of Directors of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd for the year 2009. Apart from that he was appointed as Chairman of Development, Technology & Trading Affairs Committee of the Exchange and has been a Member of New Products Committee, Arbitration Committee, Default Member Committee and Director of JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company representing PSX on the Board for the year 2009. He is an active and reformist member of KSE Committee’s and always-remained forefront to bring about constructive changes in Stock market for the improvement of stock business. Mr Yusuf has remained as a member of Managing Committee of Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchants for numerous times and was chairman of Public Relations, information Technology and internal Audit Committee of the Association. Mr. Yusuf is very famous in Electronic media and popular for his Analysis on stock market and economy.


Mr. Abdul Kadir


Mr. Abdul Kadir Yusuf graduated from Sindh Medical College in 1989 with a Masters in neurology . He has been practicing the neurology for the last 25 years. Having an investment inclination since the beginning, Mr. Yusuf started investing in the equity market and saw an opportunity to partnership with a reputed brokerage house in PSX. In 2002 Mr. Yusuf bought a membership card in the name of AKY and started brokerage business with Mr. Amin Yousuf in 2007, the brokerage house was turned into a corporate brokerage house, to bring the corporate discipline into the business. The house started accumulating quite a number of clients and various funds in a short span of time.


Mr. Muhammad Salim Yusuf